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Introducing Style AI
from StyleBuddy

Instant, expert answers to all your fashion and style queries.

Explore Style AI from StyleBuddy, powered by the advanced GPT-4 technology, for instant, expert answers to all your fashion and style queries.


Whether you're seeking advice on the latest trends, wardrobe essentials, or styling tips, our AI-driven platform delivers personalized, insightful guidance at your fingertips.


Elevate your fashion game with Style AI – your smart, always-on style advisor

Style AI

Wait 10-15 seconds for the AI to respond.

Examples of Questions you can ask Style AI

1. Trend Analysis: "What are the top fashion trends for the upcoming spring season?"
2. Personal Styling Advice: "I have an hourglass body shape. What type of evening dress would flatter my figure the most?"

3. Color Coordination: "What color shoes should I wear with a navy blue suit for a formal event?"

4. Fashion Product Recommendations: "Can you suggest some eco-friendly and sustainable fashion brands for casual wear?"

5. Outfit Assembly: "I just bought a bright red leather skirt. What tops and accessories would pair well with it for a chic look?"

6. Event-Specific Styling: "I'm attending a beach wedding. What kind of outfit and accessories should I consider that are stylish yet appropriate?"

7. Wardrobe Organization: "How should I organize my wardrobe to make it easier to pick outfits daily?"

8. Care and Maintenance Tips: "What are the best practices for taking care of cashmere sweaters?"

9. Historical Fashion Queries: "Can you give me a brief overview of 1920s fashion trends and their influence on today's fashion?"

10. Cultural Fashion Advice: "I'm traveling to Japan. What are some cultural fashion norms I should be aware of to dress respectfully?"


Style AI, with its GPT-4 capabilities, can provide detailed, accurate, and contextually relevant answers to these questions, making it an invaluable tool for anyone interested in fashion and styling.

Fashion Accessories Arrangement
  • What can I expect to get in a Styling Service?
    Our Styling Services includes several features and benefits. All our services come with the following inclusions: ✔️Personalized Style Strategy ✔️Basic color options matching your skin tone ✔️A Style Guide with real-world outfit examples ✔️Recommended Stores + Brands ✔️10 online shopping links tailored to your style and budget ✔️Online consultation with Stylist
  • How much does it cost for a Personal Styling Service?
    Our Personal Styling services start from Rs.3000 per consultation. Each consultation involves about 2 to 3 calls with a Stylist and a Personal customized styling report with shopping links.
  • I want to know more about Personal Styling
    Personal Styling helps you improve your style and personality. If you wear the right type of clothes that match your personality, body type and skin tone, you will appear more attractive, and get more compliments from other people. You can see this Video to learn more about what is personal styling.
  • Can you help me with shopping the right outfits?
    Yes Certainly. Shopping can be stressful at times. A Personal Shopper makes your shopping experience pleasant and productive by helping you find the right outfits matching your Body Type, Personality and Skin Tone. Our team of expert personal shoppers can help you in this process. For more information, please WhatsApp us on +919667488837
  • I want to see feedback from StyleBuddy clients after styling services
    Yes sure!! we are happy to share with you the feedback we received from our clients after taking our personal stylist or personal shopper service. We respect our clients privacy and we do not share before/after images of our clients.
  • I want to transform my daily style and looks. How can you help me?
    We can surely help you in transforming your daily style and looks. A dedicated stylist will be assigned to you for this purpose. All our stylists are qualified professionals so you can trust them with confidence. The Stylist will work with you on understanding your body type, your skin tone, your daily lifestyle and will come up with customized recommendations for you. To know more, please Whatsapp us on +919667488837
  • I want to know about pricing for styling services and what is included
    yes sure. i am happy to share with you the link for our services, details and pricing. you can book the services online, if you are happy with the details. you can always whatsapp us on +919667488837 if you want more information.
  • How is StyleBuddy different from other Personal Styling Companies?
    Why Choose StyleBuddy? Personalized Experience: At StyleBuddy, we believe in a personalized approach. Every service is tailored to your individual needs and preferences, ensuring a unique experience. Time-Saving and Convenient: Our services are designed to save you time. We handle the complexities of styling and shopping, allowing you to enjoy a hassle-free and enjoyable fashion experience. Expert Guidance: Our team of experienced stylists stays updated with the latest trends and classic styles. With their expertise, you'll always step out in confidence. Affordable Luxury: We believe that great style should be accessible. Our services are priced competitively, offering you luxury styling experiences without breaking the bank.
  • What are the benefits of taking a Personal Styling Consultation?
    Personal styling is all about creating a unique look that reflects your personal taste, lifestyle, and body type. It's more than just picking out clothes; it involves understanding what works best for you and why. A personal stylist can help you choose outfits that highlight your best features, suggest new trends to try, and even assist with wardrobe organisation. It's a great way to boost confidence and ensure that your outward appearance aligns with your personal identity and goals.
  • How does a Personal Styling Session Work?
    Step 1: Fill out a simple questionnaire that collects basic information about your lifestyle, aesthetic preferences, problem areas, and requirements. Step 2: We will schedule a video consultation with one of our style specialists/ consultants/ experts, who will further understand your needs, as well as walk you through style theory, and coach you on the best way to imbibe your personality into your personal style, while always staying fashionable. Step 3: Our style specialist/ consultant/ expert will create a personalized Style Guide with all the information, style tips, suggestions, and references that will help you transform your personal style! Step 4: We will schedule a follow-up video consultation where our style specialist/ consultant/ expert will walk you through the report and clarify any doubts you may have. And you’re good to go!
  • Is the advice from Style AI suitable for all age groups?
    Yes, Style AI caters to a wide range of age groups. Just include your age or the age group you're asking for in your query.
  • How do I use Style AI?
    Using Style AI is easy! Just type your style query into the designated text box on our website. You can ask for outfit suggestions, advice on how to wear certain items, or tips for specific occasions.
  • Do I need an account to use Style AI?
    No, an account is not necessary. However, creating an account can provide a more personalized experience and allow you to save your favorite style suggestions.
  • Can Style AI help me choose outfits based on my personal style?
    Absolutely! Just provide details about your personal style, preferences, or the occasion you're dressing for, and Style AI will tailor its suggestions accordingly.
  • Is Style AI free to use?
    Yes, Style AI is a complimentary service provided by our website to help enhance your fashion experience.
  • How accurate are Style AI's fashion recommendations?
    Style AI's recommendations are based on the latest fashion trends and style guidelines. While we strive for accuracy, fashion is subjective, so feel free to adapt the suggestions to suit your personal taste.
  • Can Style AI provide advice for specific body types?
    Yes, Style AI can offer fashion advice suited to various body types. Just mention your body type in your query for tailored suggestions.
  • What is Style AI?
    Style AI is our advanced AI tool powered by GPT-4, designed to help you with fashion and style advice. Whether you need outfit ideas, style tips, or fashion recommendations, Style AI is here to assist you.
  • What types of questions can I ask Style AI?
    Feel free to ask anything related to fashion and style. This can range from "What should I wear to a summer wedding?" to "How can I style a black leather jacket?"
  • How can I provide feedback about Style AI?
    We welcome your feedback! You can submit it through the 'Contact Us' section on our website or directly under the Style AI tool.
  • How does StyleBuddy ensure the outfits are comfortable yet professional for long work days?
    We prioritize comfort along with style. Our stylists select high-quality, comfortable fabrics and fits that are suitable for long hours while maintaining a professional appearance.
  • Does StyleBuddy cater to all professional industries and dress codes?
    Yes, our stylists are experienced in various professional industries and understand different dress codes, from business casual to formal business attire.
  • What does StyleBuddy offer in terms of styling for professional settings like work wear and business meetings?
    We help you decide what to wear, and how to style for your daily office work wear. We can help you shop the right outfits based on your body type and personality. StyleBuddy provides personalized styling services for professional settings, including work wear, corporate meetings, interviews, and business meetings. Our services include selecting appropriate attire, coordinating accessories, and ensuring that your look is both professional and stylish at your work place and at your client meetings.
  • What is the pricing for StyleBuddy's professional styling services?
    Our prices vary based on the services you require. We offer packages and a la carte options to fit different budgets and needs. Contact us for a detailed quote. The minimum price starts from Rs. 3000 per consultation.
  • How can I book a personal styling session for my upcoming job interview or business meeting?
    You can book a session through our website or by contacting us at +91-9898828200. We recommend scheduling your session at least a week in advance to allow time for outfit selection and any necessary fittings.
  • Are there virtual styling options available for Office Professionals with busy schedules?
    Yes, we offer virtual styling consultations, which are perfect for professionals and executives with tight schedules. This includes digital outfit planning and remote shopping assistance.
  • Can StyleBuddy help with wardrobe overhauls for a new job or career change?
    Absolutely. We can assist with complete wardrobe updates and styling recommendations to match your new job or career, ensuring your attire aligns with your new professional environment.
  • How do I book a consultation with a StyleBuddy wedding stylist?
    You can book a consultation by visiting our website or calling our customer service line +919898828200. During the consultation, we will discuss your wedding vision, preferences, and budget to create a customized styling plan.
  • Does StyleBuddy provide services for destination weddings?
    Absolutely! Our stylists are experienced in coordinating attire for destination weddings, ensuring your outfits are suitable for the location and climate.
  • Do you offer virtual styling consultations for Weddings?
    Yes, we offer virtual online video consultations for clients who prefer online meetings. This includes digital mood boards and online shopping assistance.
  • What services does StyleBuddy offer for wedding styling and shopping?
    StyleBuddy offers personalized wedding styling and shopping services, including bridal outfits / gown selection, bridesmaid dress coordination, groom and groomsmen attire, and accessory recommendations. Our services are tailored to fit your theme, budget, and personal style. We deliver styling and shopping for both the bride, the groom and the family and friends.
  • Does StyleBuddy collaborate with specific bridal brands or designers?
    We have partnerships with a variety of designers and brands, but our primary focus is on finding the best fit for your style and budget, regardless of the brand.
  • Can StyleBuddy assist with last-minute wedding attire emergencies?
    Yes, we offer last-minute styling assistance. Contact us as soon as possible, and our team will work diligently to resolve any attire emergencies before your big day.
  • What is the price range for StyleBuddy's wedding styling services?
    Our pricing varies based on the services you require. We offer packages and a la carte options to accommodate different budgets. Please contact us for a detailed quote.
  • How does StyleBuddy handle sizing and alterations?
    We work closely with reputable tailors and alteration services. After selecting your attire, we ensure the fit is perfect for your wedding day.

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