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Style Transformation by StyleBuddy Personal Stylist Success Stories from our Clients

At StyleBuddy, we believe the stories of transformation and satisfaction from our clients speak volumes about our service quality and impact. We invite you to explore a curated collection of client testimonials and style transformation stories delivered by our team of Personal Stylist and Personal Shopper 


These testimonials are more than just reviews; they are personal narratives of confidence regained, styles reinvented, and fashion boundaries expanded. Each story highlights the unique journey of a client with StyleBuddy, showcasing how our personalized styling  from Personal Stylist and Shopper solutions have helped them discover and embrace their true style.


From stunning makeovers for special occasions to everyday wardrobe revamps, these testimonials offer a glimpse into the real-life impacts of our services. We are proud to share these experiences, as they reflect our commitment to not just meeting but exceeding client expectations.


Whether you're considering a style change or just curious about what we offer, these testimonials will provide authentic insights and inspire your own fashion journey with StyleBuddy.

Looking for Formal Outfits


My experience with StyleBuddy's "Styling and Shopping for Professional Work Wear" service, provided by the talented stylist Dhwani, has been nothing short of exceptional. From the outset, Dhwani showed an incredible understanding of my professional environment and personal style, guiding me towards choices that were both stylish and suitable for my work. The personal shopping experience was particularly remarkable, as Dhwani carefully selected pieces that not only elevated my professional wardrobe but also fit my personal comfort and style preferences seamlessly. This transformation has not only boosted my confidence at work but also empowered me with a sense of renewed self-assurance. I am truly grateful for Dhwani's expertise and the comprehensive service provided by StyleBuddy, which I highly recommend to anyone looking to enhance their professional attire.

Looking for daily style

Roshna Rajesh

My experience with StyleBuddy's "Styling for Every Day Needs and for Looking Good at Work Place," meticulously delivered by stylist Vasundhara, was nothing short of transformative. Vasundhara's unique ability to understand my lifestyle, personal preferences, and workplace requirements allowed her to tailor a styling solution that was not just about fashion but about elevating my personal and professional presence. The journey with her was enlightening, empowering me with the confidence to express myself authentically in all spheres of life. The compliments I now receive at work and in my personal life are a testament to Vasundhara's expertise and StyleBuddy's exceptional service. I'm truly grateful and would recommend Vasundhara's services to anyone looking to redefine their style and confidence.

Looking for daily style

Parul Bhargava

As a client of StyleBuddy, I recently had the pleasure of experiencing their "Personal Styling for Every Day Needs" service, guided by the incredibly talented stylist, Sanya Arora. From the very beginning, Sanya approached my styling needs with an attentive and personalized touch that truly made me feel seen and understood. Her keen eye for detail, combined with her profound understanding of fashion, allowed her to curate outfits that not only elevated my everyday style but also boosted my confidence remarkably.

Sanya's recommendations were not just about following the latest trends; they were about discovering what works best for me, taking into account my lifestyle, preferences, and body type. Each session with her was a learning experience, helping me to make more informed choices about my wardrobe and how to express my individuality through my outfits.

The transformation has been incredible. I find myself receiving compliments regularly, feeling more confident in my choices, and most importantly, feeling like myself. Sanya's expertise and the overall professionalism of StyleBuddy have made this journey an absolute delight. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking to redefine their personal style with guidance from true fashion experts.

Just Casual Styling

Ayush Gupta

"Say goodbye to wardrobe woes! StyleBuddy's 'Styling and Shopping for Professional Work Wear' service was exactly what I needed.  I wasn't sure how to navigate the world of business fashion, but their stylists were total pros. They helped me understand what looks best on me and put together a work wardrobe that's both polished and professional. Now I feel confident and ready to take on anything at the office. Thanks, StyleBuddy!"

Looking for daily style


"StyleBuddy has been a game-changer for my everyday wardrobe!  I used to stress every morning trying to put together outfits, but with StyleBuddy's 'personal styling for every day needs' service, I don't have to worry anymore. Their stylists are amazing - they listened to my preferences and created a lookbook that's both stylish and comfortable. Now I feel confident and put-together every day, no matter what my schedule throws my way. Thanks, StyleBuddy!"

Going on a Vacation

Shruti sharma

Blouse fitted me like a charm. Everything looks great for now. Thank you so much for your awesome support and understanding. You are so good at what you do!

Looking for daily style

Vandana Hirasingh

Vasundhara was very professional and enthusiastic. She gave me amazing insights in how to approach my personal style and bring out the max of my personality and body! Would definitely recommend.

Just Casual Styling


Amazing experience of discovering my own personal style and getting guidance and recommendations from Dhwani , who was my stylist!

After jotting down my requirements, team did a thorough analysis of what would be the best suited options to style up my existing pieces in wardrobe and also recommended - what kind of purchases I can go ahead with in the future, all based on my body type, style,skin tone etc.

Dhwani and team also included footwear, bags recommendations which are just amazing!

Looking for daily style

Omkar Jaggi

Vasundhra and Dhwani are amazing stylists. They have impeccable taste for fashion. On top of that they made me feel very comfortable, right from the beginning till the end they were professional and approachable. They made me style with pieces I would have not tried before and got me out of my comfort zone. I wish I had met these amazing ladies before. I could not have had asked for more. 100% recommended. Keep up the good work Vasu and Dhwani!

My Wedding


Thanks for your suggestions.... it worked great... Thanks once again!

Going on a Vacation

Harsh Bhudolia

They are detailed and precise too !! Loved the service from StyleBuddy

Going on a Vacation

Harsh Bhudolia

They are detailed and precise too !!! Loved the service from StyleBuddy. 

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