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Business Casual in India: Nailing the Look for Modern Indian Workplaces

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In the dynamic world of Indian corporate fashion, the concept of 'business casual' has evolved significantly. Striking a balance between formal and casual attire, business casual in India caters to a comfortable yet professional look, suitable for the modern workplace.

Defining Business Casual

Business casual in India is a blend of comfort and formality. It’s less formal than traditional business wear like suits and ties but more polished than casual wear like t-shirts and sandals. The key is to appear neat, well-groomed, and professional without sacrificing comfort.

Essential Elements of Business Casual

  1. Shirts: Opt for collared, button-down shirts or smart polos. Solid colors or subtle patterns are ideal.

  2. Trousers: Chinos or smart trousers in neutral colors like grey, navy, or black work well.

  3. Kurtas for a Twist: Incorporating kurtas can add a distinct Indian touch to business casual. Choose plain or minimally designed kurtas.

  4. Footwear: Loafers, brogues, or even smart sandals can be appropriate.

  5. Layering: For cooler weather or a more formal touch, add a blazer or a Nehru jacket.

What to Avoid

Business casual does not include ripped jeans, loud graphic tees, overly casual sandals, or sports shoes. The idea is to maintain a degree of professionalism.

Occasion and Flexibility

Business casual in India is ideal for regular office days, semi-formal events, and casual Fridays. It provides flexibility and adaptability, suitable for the varied climatic conditions across India.


Minimal and sophisticated accessories like a sleek watch, a leather belt, and a smart briefcase or laptop bag can complete the look.


Business casual in India is not just about clothing choices but a representation of the modern Indian professional’s lifestyle – dynamic, flexible, and culturally rooted. It respects traditional business attire norms while embracing the comfort necessary for the fast-paced work environment. We recommend you consider a personal stylist or a personal shopper who can help you buy the right outfits, matching your body type and personality.


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