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Personal Styling for Every Day Needs

Personal Styling for Everyday Needs: Elevate Your Daily Look with StyleBuddy

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StyleBuddy Personal Styling Solution for Every Day Styling Needs:

✔Best for everyday styling and fashion needs

✔Get Expert analysis of your body type, skin tone

✔Recommendations on what to wear, and where to buy

✔Links for Stores + Brands 

✔Outfit suggestions tailored to your style and budget

✔Confidential, Online consultation with Stylist

Ditch the daily fashion struggle! StyleBuddy's personal styling service curates outfits for your everyday needs, helping you look and feel your best with confidence.

Key Features:

  • Personalized style consultation tailored to your needs and preferences.

  • Optional wardrobe audit to declutter and revitalize your existing clothes.

  • Curated outfit selections for online shopping or in-store shopping assistance.

  • Optional style guide with outfit recommendations and accessorizing tips.

Who Can Benefit:

  • Busy professionals seeking stylish and practical everyday wear.

  • Anyone looking to refresh their wardrobe and discover new styles.

  • Individuals who want to feel confident and put-together every day.

  • People who struggle with putting outfits together or feel overwhelmed by fashion trends.

Investing in your everyday style is an investment in yourself. StyleBuddy empowers you to feel confident and look your best, no matter the occasion.

Step 1: Fill out a simple questionnaire that collects basic information about your lifestyle, aesthetic preferences, problem areas, and requirements.

Step 2: We will schedule a video consultation with one of our style specialists/ consultants/ experts, who will further understand your needs, as well as walk you through style theory, and coach you on the best way to imbibe your personality into your personal style, while always staying fashionable.

Step 3: Our style specialist/ consultant/ expert will create a personalized Style Guide with all the information, style tips, suggestions, and references that will help you transform your personal style!

Step 4: We will schedule a follow-up video consultation where our style specialist/ consultant/ expert will walk you through the report and clarify any doubts you may have. 

And you’re good to go!

When should I take this Everyday Styling Service?

You can choose Everyday Styling Session to address your daily styling needs such as outfits to wear for an occasion, lack of confidence in your outfit choices or your styling choices, or if you are just in a mood to go for a change and try something new.

What benefits do I get by taking this Everyday Styling Service?

Everyday Personal Styling can help you get a quick advice from a fashion expert on what outfits or accessories to wear for a special occasion, and look stylish with a more versatile and cohesive blend of outfits, accessories, makeup and hairstyle.

I want to transform my daily style and looks. How can you help me?

We can surely help you in transforming your daily style and looks. A dedicated stylist will be assigned to you for this purpose. All our stylists are qualified professionals so you can trust them with confidence. The Stylist will work with you on understanding your body type, your skin tone, your daily lifestyle and will come up with customized recommendations for you. To know more, please Whatsapp us on +919205144491

Personal Styling for Everyday Needs: Elevate Your Daily Look with StyleBuddy

Here's how we help you achieve everyday style bliss:

Tired of feeling uninspired by your wardrobe?  Do mornings spent staring into your closet leave you frustrated?  StyleBuddy's "Personal Styling for Everyday Needs" service is here to transform your daily look!  We offer personalized styling solutions to create a wardrobe that reflects your unique style and empowers you to feel confident every day.

Here's how we help you achieve everyday style bliss:

  • Style Consultation: We begin with a comprehensive consultation to understand your lifestyle, fashion preferences, body type, and budget. This discussion allows us to tailor our recommendations specifically to you.

  • Wardrobe Audit (Optional): Feeling overwhelmed by a cluttered closet? Our stylists can help you declutter and organize your existing wardrobe, identifying hidden gems and suggesting ways to revitalize forgotten pieces.

  • Personalized Shopping Experience: Whether you prefer online shopping or in-person guidance, we'll curate outfit selections that flatter your figure and complement your lifestyle.Online Shopping: Receive personalized recommendations with links to purchase online. You can communicate with your stylist for adjustments.

  • In-Store Shopping: Join your stylist on shopping trips at stores that match your style and budget. They'll guide you to the perfect pieces and ensure you stay on track with your shopping list.

  • Style Guide (Optional): For an extra boost of confidence, receive a personalized style guide with outfit recommendations, tips on maximizing your existing wardrobe, and advice on accessorizing for different occasions.

Reliable Personal Stylist and Personal Shopper Services

Transformation through empowerment

Transformation through Empowerment - giving you the building blocks to create your own personal style 

Client Testimonials

Patricia Armstrong

11 Jul 2024

Thank you so much Vasundhara and Dhwani for making me look so beautiful for my first Indian wedding. I love my lehenga and our trip was so much more special all thanks to you both. This process has been extremely smooth and fun, cannot believe we did all of this virtually!



18 Jun 2024

I spent the whole day with Sanya and Shagun today. And i loved their company . The items they opted for me , I think they were excellent .

They were very patient about all my demands . So, Thank you so much. I think I have 2 full bags of clothing articles . Thank you for giving me this upgrade in my wardrobe . Thank you agiain !

Rithik Jain

22 May 2024

StyleBuddy transformed my wardrobe from a monotone collection of black and white T-shirts into a vibrant array of stylish outfits. Their expert advice gave me the confidence to explore new fashion trends. Now, I receive compliments on my style wherever I go. - Rithik

Deepshikha Rana

6 May 2024

I was Looking for a style which enhances my personality. Vasundhara was awesome in helping me with Tops, Bottom Wear, Body defining dresses, Accessories and so much more. 5 Stars. 

Kathleen Jain

10 Jul 2024

Your service was excellent. I would not dream of undertaking this project without your help. I will absolutely recommend you to other that try to do this.

Thank you very much for making it all possible. Everybody loved it

Kiran Jain

31 May 2024

Your service was excellent. I would not dream of undertaking this project without your help. I will absolutely recommend you to other that try to do this.

Thank you very much for making it all possible. Everybody loved it

Radhika M.S.

10 May 2024

I needed urgent help in updating my wardrobe for all occasions, to suit my body and skin type. Dhwani and StyleBuddy team did a 5 Star job. Love them. 

Atika Jain

23 Apr 2024

Sanya has been wonderful in helping me exploring new styles of dressing to deal with my increased weight and body changes after child birth. Full Marks to StyleBuddy.

Saurabh Jain

10 Jul 2024

Your service was excellent. I would not dream of undertaking this project without your help. I will absolutely recommend you to other that try to do this.

Thank you very much for making it all possible. Everybody loved it

Sai Shree Varshan

23 May 2024

StyleBuddy gave me the complete makeover I desperately needed. Their expertise and personalized approach transformed my entire look, making me feel confident and stylish. I couldn't be happier with the new me. - Sai Shree

Susan Anderson

7 May 2024

It was such a lovely time with the girls (Vasundhara and Dhwani) and they exceeded our expectations for this event as this was my first visit to India. They kept all of my preferences in mind and got me the most beautiful blush pink lehenga to compliment my skin and hair. The jewellery was just as pretty and was the perfect finishing touch.


Looking forward to meeting with you all in the US now :)

Debdutta Bhattacharya

9 Apr 2024

"Thanks to StyleBuddy and my amazing stylist Vasundhara, I finally have a wardrobe I love!  I used to hate shopping, but Vasundhara made it fun and stress-free. She listened to my style preferences and helped me discover pieces I never would have picked out myself. Now I feel confident and put-together every time I step out the door. Vasundhara was a joy to work with - she's a true professional with an incredible eye for style."

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Experienced Team of Stylists

Our Styling and Shopping Solutions are delivered by a team of Experienced, Qualified stylists and personal shoppers. 

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