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  • Our online personal styling services offer virtual consultations with experienced stylists who will work with you to create a  "personalized style guide".


    Whether you're looking to update your wardrobe, find the perfect outfit for a special event, or just refresh your look, our team of experts is here to help.


    With convenient online scheduling and virtual appointments, our personal styling services make it easy to access expert fashion advice from the comfort of your own home.   Also shop from a curated list of products trhough online clickable links for shopping.


    Personal Styling Services

    ₹7,500.00 ราคาปกติ
      • Two intense,  one-on-one virtual consultations
      • A personalised Style Guide with shoppable links
      • Follow up and Stylist  support upto 3 weeks after service

      * Can add a top- up half day or one day  personal shopper service

    • Personal styling is all about creating a unique look that reflects your personal taste, lifestyle, and body type.

      A personal stylist helps you understand what works best for you and why.

      A personal stylist can help you choose outfits that highlight your best features, suggest new trends to try, and assist with your wardrobe reset.

      Consulting a Personal Stylist is a great way to boost confidence and ensure that your outward appearance aligns with your personal identity and goals.
      At StyleBuddy, we believe consulting a personal stylist is a journey towards self-expression, empowering you to make a statement wherever you go.