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Sanika Kakirde

Personal Stylist and Personal Shopper

I have a background in Fashion design, with a skill to spot beautiful things and get them together. Having worked as a designer for almost 15 years, and styled many clients, I started my Personal Styling brand ' Sanika Kakirde' in 2019. The brand aims at adding value to everyday style sensibilities of an individual by making fashion approachable and easy. 

My Experience

'SK' wants to promote utility and wise consumption of three important resources, time - energy - money. I deal with my clients personally, assisting them with every detail along the way. I was a columnist at the renowned daily " The Telegraph Kolkata " as their style coach. The columns are about everything, related to fashion and style. 

From 2019 - 2022 I have also customised sessions on subjects pertaining to style, fashion and wardrobe, which help in making everyday decisions around the same easy. Held successful sessions with Rotary, Inner Wheel and many such clubs, including YPO north east chapter, the course material is applicable to all demographics.

How We Help You

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