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Devershi Gupta

Personal Stylist and Personal Shopper

I am Devershi Gupta, your go-to celebrity photographer, proudly partnering with StyleBuddy to capture the most iconic moments of your life right here in our bustling city. With a passion for photography that's as boundless as my love for Chennai' s vibrant culture, Im here to transform your special moments into timeless memories.

My Experience

Renowned as one of the top photographers in Chennai, my lens has witnessed the beauty and grandeur of countless weddings and celebrity events. Specializing in wedding photography and portfolio photography, I have honed my craft to perfection, ensuring that every shot is a work of art that tells a unique story. 

Chennai, with its rich tapestry of traditions and modernity, provides the perfect backdrop for capturing the essence of love and glamour. As your celebrity photographer, I understand the importance of preserving your most cherished moments with the utmost finesse and creativity. 

Whether you're stepping into the spotlight for a portfolio shoot or embarking on the journey of a lifetime with your partner, my goal is to make you look and feel like the star you are. I am committed to translating your dreams into stunning visual narratives that you'll treasure for a lifetime. 

When you choose me as your photographer, you're not just hiring a professional; you're gaining a creative collaborator who is dedicated to exceeding your expectations. Every click of my camera is a reflection of my passion for storytelling through images, and I ensure that each frame is a masterpiece in its own right. 

So, whether you're planning a wedding that's steeped in tradition or a portfolio shoot that's all about your unique style, let's work together to create magic through photography. 

Chennai, brace yourselves for Devershi Gupta, your celebrity photographer at StyleBuddy. It's time to capture your life's most extraordinary moments, one frame at a time!

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