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Traditional Indianwear is still very much worn by women on the daily. However, on some days don't you just feel like it's gotten mundane? Doesn't this affect your mood and your confidence while dressing up?

Well, we have a simple solution- Styling!!! Styling your clothes is very different from just wearing them. It helps elevate your look entirely and adds a touch of spice to spruce up the everyday routine.

We understand that ethnics could get tricky and also a little boring on the everyday. Hence, we have curated 3 very simple, but still very fun ways to style your everyday ethnics for work, errands or just like that...

Switch up a few elements in your everyday clothing and see how much this will change the way you see your clothes, and well, yourself.

This will drive your confidence and will excite you once again to dress up every morning to try something new. Happy Reading and Happy Styling :)

No. 1: Swap the dupatta of your everyday salwar kameez with a cape jacket as a layer or a scarf for those fuss-free days. You can even ditch the dupatta alltogther and opt for a co-ord set to give a more seamless, crisp, western touch look.

My personal favorite: Simple ethnics + Banjara style accessories = a match made in heaven!

This formula allows you to wear ethnics on a daily, while keeping them fuss-free, yet creating a head turning overall look.

No. 3: Traditional saree blouses are boring and uncomfortable to wear daily, switch things up and pair your crop tops, shirts and even bikini tops with your saree for an edgy yet elegant look that is easy to style everyday.

We hope you try some of these styling tips and it helps you enjoy dressing up every morning once again! Fashion is all about having fun... so go ahead, try something new and tag us with your images @stylebuddy on Instagram.

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