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Here are 4 essential bras in every woman’s lingerie drawer.

Our suggestion would be to invest in neutral colors like nude and black as these can be worn under every garment.

1. Multi way bra- it comes with detachable straps that you can wear in lots of different ways to get the look – and support – that you're looking for.

Choose to wear it as a strapless bra or with the transparent straps for added support- the possibilities are endless.

2. Tee shirt bra: these are seamless, with smooth, moulded cups that provide a natural, rounded shape under your shirts and dresses. It is the ultimate everyday bra.

3. Bralette: This is a lightweight bra without an underwire, designed primarily for comfort and is a great option to lounge around in.

4. Sports bra: They provide great support to the breasts during any range of physical exercise and are Sturdier than regular bras, they minimize breast movement and reduce discomfort.

At StyleBuddy, we not only assist you with your everyday styling needs, but aim at instilling a relation of trust within our clients.

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