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Hire a Personal Stylist for Photo Shoot

Unleash Your Inner Star: Hire a Stylist for Your Photoshoot Session

  • 3,000 Indian rupees
  • Online Consultation

Service Description

This service includes: 1. Pre-Shoot Consultation: Discuss your photoshoot goals, theme, and desired aesthetic. Our stylist will get to know your personal style preferences, body type, and any outfit ideas you may have. 2. Wardrobe Planning: Our expert stylist will curate a selection of outfits tailored to the photoshoot theme, location, and lighting. We'll consider color palettes, textures, and silhouettes that flatter your figure and enhance your natural beauty. 3. Shopping Assistance (Optional): Feeling overwhelmed by shopping for the shoot? We can accompany you on shopping trips or provide online recommendations, ensuring you find the perfect pieces within your budget. You will be charged additionally for shopping assistance. 4. On-Set Styling (optional): Your stylist will be present on the day of the photoshoot to ensure everything looks flawless.You will be charged additionally for on-set styling assistance. This assistance includes: (a) Finalizing outfit selections based on the photographer's setup and lighting. (b) Assisting with garment changes and ensuring outfit adjustments for a polished look. Steaming clothes for a wrinkle-free presentation. (c) You will receive expert advice on posing and movement to achieve the most flattering angles.

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Gurugram, Haryana, India

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