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When Durga Puja calls for something exquisite!

Indian Ethnic wear is unique and exquisite. The luxurious fabrics, the vibrant colours and the extravagant craft of India makes the experience of wearing Indian ethnic wear joyful and makes one feel elegant. So here is a list of trends to give you an inspiration for this Durga Puja 2023. 1.Brocade- Brocades are one of India’s well-known fabrics. They’re beautiful and luxurious. They tell a tale of India’s heritage and craftsmanship. You can find it easily in various styles. Opt for one that suits your style.

2. Asymmetrical hemlines- Asymmetrical hemlines are back with a bang! They’re more modern now with classic lines and textures. Look at designs by House of Masaba for inspiration. They’re vibrant and fresh.

3.Velvet- Velvets have been in vogue for a few seasons now. It’s back and it’s looking good! The modern styles paired with somber embellishments has made this age-old style more appealing to the younger generations.

4.Sheer fabrics-Sheer fabrics will never go out of style as long as Indian ethnic fashion lives. They make one look glamorous without any effort. The colours this season are more bright and bold but the pastels have still maintained their aura.

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