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Easy outfit ideas for Navratri

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

With Navratri approaching, It's only natural to get a little overwhelmed with the outfit choices and ideas we get bombarded with. The nine days of Navratri not only brings us close to celebrate the deity but also brings the communities together and that means gatherings, food and fun. And that also gives us an excuse to put together our best outfits for the days of festivities. So it’s natural to get stressed and confused as to what works for the special occasion and what doesn’t.

We suggest you take a breather and let us guide you through this tough decision making process.

Here are some easy and quick outfit ideas for this Navratri. 1.Ethnic tops- They are so easy to pair and can be worn for both a casual and semi-formal setting. Throw it over a denim and pair with some ethnic Jewellery and you’re ready to rock your college campus. You can also pair them with dhoti pants or Shararas and you’re ready for dandiya.

2.Dhoti pants- They fun; they’re chic and can be worn in various ways. And above all of that dhoti pants are really comfortable. Pair it with a t-shirt for college or with short kurtis or embellished crop tops for weddings and parties. They can be switched from casual to occasion wear with ease and are available in different styles-embroidered, colourful and shiny! Take your pick.

3.Kaftans- The kaftan has undergone a serious change and is now ruling the fashion world. From street wear to occasion wear, they can easily be moulded as per the need. Opt for something in velvet or any luxurious fabric with embellishments this Navratri. Take inspiration from the iconic Kareena Kapoor Khan and get yourself a kaftan.

4.Ethnic skirts- Ethnic skirts are super versatile. From simple to embellished and in vibrant colors, ethnic skirts can be really diverse. They can elevate your look simply by adding some stylish accessories. Try a bling skirt with an elegant top or shirt for a chic and modern look. This style can be often spotted on the Bollywood divas.

So do not fret and pick your favourite styles from our list and give it your personal finishing touches and you're Navratri ready.

And if you need a professional to help you with your festival wardrobe, contact us!

Navratri, a vibrant festival celebrated with great fervor and joy, marks the triumph of good over evil. It is a time when people come together to revel in the spirit of dance, music, and devotion. One of the most exciting aspects of this nine-night festival is the traditional attire that adds to the vibrancy and cultural richness of the celebrations. Choosing the perfect outfit for each night is not just a matter of style, but it is also a way to pay homage to the rich heritage of the festival. Here are some recommendations for stunning Navratri outfits that will make you stand out and feel connected to the roots of this joyous occasion.

1. Ghagra Choli:

The timeless and graceful Ghagra Choli is a classic choice for Navratri celebrations. Opt for bright and lively colors like vibrant pink, royal blue, or sunny yellow to radiate the festive spirit. Add some traditional jewelry such as oxidized silver earrings or chunky bangles to complete the look.

2. Lehenga Saree:

For those who prefer a fusion of traditional and contemporary, a Lehenga Saree is a perfect choice. It combines the elegance of a saree with the comfort and style of a lehenga. Choose a bold color palette with intricate embroidery and mirror work to make a striking statement on the dance floor.

3. Anarkali Suit:

Anarkali Suits are known for their regal appearance and graceful silhouette. They are a popular choice for their comfort and elegance. Opt for vibrant hues such as emerald green, fiery orange, or rich red, adorned with delicate sequins and thread work to capture the essence of the festival.

4. Dhoti Pants with Kurta:

Embrace a contemporary twist with a fusion ensemble of dhoti pants and a chic kurta. Experiment with contrasting colors and patterns to create a unique and modern look. Accessorize with statement earrings and a colorful dupatta to add a touch of tradition to your outfit.

5. Sharara Sets:

Sharara sets have gained immense popularity for their graceful and versatile appeal. Choose a well-fitted sharara set in rich silk or georgette fabric and embellish it with intricate embroidery and mirror work. Pair it with traditional jhumkas and bangles to exude an aura of timeless elegance.

6. Kediya with Dhoti Pants:

For men, a Kediya paired with dhoti pants is a classic yet trendy choice. Select vibrant colors like royal blue, deep maroon, or rich mustard, adorned with minimalistic yet elegant embroidery. Complete the look with a traditional turban and ethnic footwear to elevate your style quotient.

When selecting your Navratri outfit, remember to prioritize comfort to ensure you can fully immerse yourself in the festivities. Additionally, accessorize thoughtfully to complement your outfit and bring out the true essence of the festival. Let your outfit reflect the joy and enthusiasm that Navratri brings, and embrace the cultural heritage with elegance and style. May your Navratri be filled with joy, love, and unforgettable memories!

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