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Best color combinations for Indian skin tones

Indian women have a particularly hard time choosing clothes that 'match' their skin tone. Considering the changing weather, the hard sun and a general variation in complexion, there isn't one sure-shot formula for everyone.

But yet, there are few colors that do go well on Indian Skin tone which can be worn on occasions


1. Cobalt blue + White

Cobalt blue brightens up the face like no other color- compliment it with white and you have got yourself the perfect outfit

Cobalt is considered a clean blue - which means it is neither warm or cool, therefore rendering it attractive on everyone!As blues go, cobalt is one that walks the fine line - it makes a statement but is not too brash, so it’s great for those that are color shy.Cobalt literally works with almost every other color. Black, navy, camel, grey, white, orange, green and all other shades of blue as well.

2. Green/ Emerald green

Colors that are either brighter or lighter than your skin tone look the best and so green looks great on Indian skin Contrast it with black bag and sandals for a sofistticated look We Indians are obsessed with the regal lifestyle and fashion. If there was one shade that was the utter favourite of most royalties in India, then it has to be emerald green. Not only for the pieces of jewellery, but the shade was used to elevate the look of the attires. This colour also goes perfectly with all the Indian skin tones. Given the gold yellowish undertone most of us have, emerald green happens to suit us perfectly.

3. Mustard

Another color that compliments warmer, wheatish and dusky tone is mustard. Mustard and beige is the classic combo and will never disappoint Perfect those Sunday brunches Mustard Yellow is considered an auspicious shade for Hindus in Indian. Whenever there is a holy occasion, almost everyone tries to wear yellow at one point of the other. And we think this is for all the right reasons, as mustard yellow seems such a perfect shade. Not too dark, and not too light, just amazing to flatter Indian skin tone.

4. Neutrals

Lastly if you don’t want to go bright you can always rely on neutrals like white, black beige and gold. These are classy and super stylish

We Indians are blessed to have amazing facial features. This includes having big eyes, defined eyebrows and most importantly, our gorgeous skin tones. We mostly have olive and yellowish undertones, that make most of us look not too white and not too dark. Just like people of any other country, we too have various shades of brown skin tone. However, there are colors that suit everyone, no matter if you are wearing an ethnic ensemble or a simple dress. Hence, if you are soon to update your wardrobe, we think you should add some of these hues to ooze oomph.

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