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Beat the Heat in Style: Getting your summer wardrobe right!

Here are what StyleBuddy Personal Stylists are recomemnding to their clients

Must-Have Indian Summer Staples to keep your wardrobe cool and refreshing!

The Indian summer is a force to be reckoned with - scorching temperatures and relentless humidity. But fear not, fashionistas! You can stay cool and look fabulous with the right wardrobe essentials. Here's your guide to mastering Indian summer style:

Line up Fabrics that Breathe:

  • Cotton is King (and Queen): This natural fiber is your best friend. Opt for lightweight cotton kurtas, salwar kameez sets, and breezy maxi dresses.

  • Linen Luxe: Luxuriate in the comfort of linen sarees, kurtas, and palazzos. Linen's loose weave allows for excellent air circulation, keeping you cool.

  • Chiffon's Charm: Flowy chiffon kurtas and sarees add a touch of elegance while remaining light and airy.

Focus on Breezy Silhouettes:

  • Loose Fits are Your BFF: Ditch the bodycon styles and embrace flowy silhouettes. Think A-line kurtas, sharara sets, and wide-legged palazzos.

  • Maxi Magic:  Maxi dresses in breezy fabrics are a summer staple. They offer maximum coverage while keeping you cool.

  • The Power of Pleats: Pleated kurtas and sarees add a touch of detail while remaining comfortable and cool.

Summer-Friendly Colors:

  • Light and Bright: Opt for light colors that reflect sunlight. Think whites, pastels, and light blues.

  • Cool Colors: Embrace the calming effect of cool colors like blues, greens, and lavenders.

  • Prints with a Purpose: Opt for smaller, lighter floral or geometric prints that won't overwhelm your summer look.

Accessorize Wisely:

  • Sun Protection is Key: Wide-brimmed hats and sunglasses are essential to shield yourself from the harsh sun.

  • Footwear for Comfort:  Ditch the heels and opt for comfortable flats like juttis, kolhapuri chappals, or sandals.

  • Minimize the Bling: Opt for lightweight jewelry like statement earrings or delicate anklets.

Bonus Tip: Don't forget the power of a well-placed dupatta. A flowy cotton or chiffon dupatta can add a stylish touch while offering additional sun protection.

With these summer staples in your wardrobe, you're ready to conquer the heat and look stunningly stylish all season long!

Looking for some creative help on your summer wardrobe? Speak to a StyleBuddy today.

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