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Your Personal Stylist is your Style Buddy

Award Winning Service | Online and Onsite Services | Affordable Pricing

Sanya Arora Personal Stylist from StyleBuddy

Confused about what looks good on you? 

Often we buy outfits without noticing how they fit on our body & how they suit our personal style. Our online styling consultation helps you kickstart your journey into understanding more about your style.

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''A lot of people dont know their body shape, have trouble selecting outfits & dont have time to shop. We make it easier for such people to style & shop more effectively '' 
- Sanya Arora
(Head of Styling/Celebrity Stylist)

How We Help You

The Power of Consulting a Personal Stylist

Benefits of hiring a Personal Stylist

Imagine opening your wardrobe and finding everything aligns perfectly with your taste, body, and lifestyle. That's the power of consulting a personal stylist.


A Personal Stylist saves time, boosts confidence, and carves out a unique personal brand that sets you apart.


Hear from our satisfied clients who've experienced the transformative impact of consulting a personal stylist from StyleBuddy!

Why StyleBuddy

Why Personal Styling

Personal Shopper 


Get the Benefits of Personal Styling with StyleBuddy

Watch This Video to understand how personal styling works

What is Personal Styling and who is a Personal Stylist?

Personal styling is all about creating a unique look that reflects your personal taste, lifestyle, and body type.

A personal stylist helps you understand what works best for you and why.

A personal stylist can help you choose outfits that highlight your best features, suggest new trends to try, and assist with your wardrobe reset.

Consulting a Personal Stylist is a great way to boost confidence and ensure that your outward appearance aligns with your personal identity and goals.
At StyleBuddy, we believe consulting a personal stylist is a journey towards self-expression, empowering you to make a statement wherever you go.

Client Testimonials from StyleBuddy

See how we have helped hundreds of clients transform their personal style journey. Real People, Real Stories. 

StyleBuddy helps you hire best personal stylist at Affordable Prices


Hire Stylist for Men

From INR 5000 onwards

Hire a Stylist to help you build a wardrobe that reflects your style and flatters your body type, saving you time and frustration.


A stylist can also guide you on shopping trips, teach you how to put together sharp outfits, and ensure you're always dressed for the occasion.


Hire Stylist for Women

From INR 5000 onwards

Hire a stylist to help you discover your unique look, curate a wardrobe that flatters your figure, and give you the confidence to put together stunning outfits.


From shopping trips to wardrobe revamps, a stylist can empower you to love getting dressed and feeling your best every day.


Hire Stylist for Shopping Tours

From INR 15000 onwards

Transform shopping from a chore into a fun, productive experience! Hire a stylist for a guided shopping tour.


Your Stylist will be your fashion guru, navigating stores and hunting down pieces that perfectly suit your style and budget.  Your stylist will curate a shopping itinerary with hidden gems and top boutiques. 

FAQs on Personal Styling

Personal Styling FAQs: Learn everything about Personal Styling

What is personal styling?

Personal styling is a service that helps you develop and refine your unique style. A personal stylist acts as your guide, helping you curate a wardrobe that flatters your body type, reflects your personality, and suits your lifestyle.

How does personal styling work?

The process typically involves these steps:

  1. Consultation: You'll meet with your stylist (in person or virtually) to discuss your style goals, budget, body type, and lifestyle needs.

  2. Wardrobe Assessment: Your stylist will assess your existing wardrobe, identifying pieces that work and suggesting what might need to go.

  3. Style Development: Based on your consultation and wardrobe assessment, your stylist will create a personalized style profile.

  4. Shopping Guidance: Your stylist may recommend specific stores, brands, or outfit ideas that align with your preferences. They can also accompany you on shopping trips or provide virtual shopping assistance.

  5. Outfit Building: Your stylist can help you put together complete outfits that showcase your best features and make you feel confident.

What are the benefits of using a personal stylist?

  • Save Time & Money: Avoid impulse buys and build a wardrobe you'll love by making informed purchases.

  • Boost Confidence: Look and feel your best with a wardrobe that flatters your figure and reflects your personality.

  • Expert Advice: Gain insights from a professional who understands fashion trends and body types.

  • Discover New Styles: Explore new looks and step outside your comfort zone with guidance.

Is personal styling expensive?

Not really. StyleBuddy offers most affordable personal styling services starting only from Rs.5000 per consultation. 

Do I have to commit to a complete wardrobe overhaul?

No! Personal styling can be tailored to your needs. You can seek help for a specific event outfit, a seasonal refresh, or a complete wardrobe revamp.

Is personal styling right for me?

If you'd like to elevate your style, feel more confident in your clothes, or simply need some guidance in navigating fashion trends, then personal styling could be a great option for you!

EveryDay Styling Channel

EveryDay Styling Channel

Personal Stylist Process

Consulting a Personal Stylist is a Personalised Journey:

  1. Consultation: The personal stylist will have a friendly, discreet discussion with you to Understand your style goals and preferences.

  2. Wardrobe Assessment: The personal stylist will analyse your existing wardrobe for outfits and accessories depending on your lifestyle, profession and body type.

  3. Style Recommendations: Your personal stylist will Curate looks that resonate with your persona.

  4. Follow-Up: You can continue to engage with your personal stylist to ensure ongoing satisfaction with your new style.

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