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Style Transformation by StyleBuddy Personal Stylist Success Stories from our Clients

At StyleBuddy, we believe the stories of transformation and satisfaction from our clients speak volumes about our service quality and impact. We invite you to explore a curated collection of client testimonials and style transformation stories delivered by our team of Personal Stylist and Personal Shopper 


These testimonials are more than just reviews; they are personal narratives of confidence regained, styles reinvented, and fashion boundaries expanded. Each story highlights the unique journey of a client with StyleBuddy, showcasing how our personalized styling  from Personal Stylist and Shopper solutions have helped them discover and embrace their true style.


From stunning makeovers for special occasions to everyday wardrobe revamps, these testimonials offer a glimpse into the real-life impacts of our services. We are proud to share these experiences, as they reflect our commitment to not just meeting but exceeding client expectations.


Whether you're considering a style change or just curious about what we offer, these testimonials will provide authentic insights and inspire your own fashion journey with StyleBuddy.

Going on a Vacation

Harsh Bhudolia

They are detailed and precise too !!! Loved the service from StyleBuddy. 

My Wedding


Thanks for your suggestions.... it worked great... Thanks once again!

Going on a Vacation

Harsh Bhudolia

They are detailed and precise too !! Loved the service from StyleBuddy

Just Casual Styling


I really liked the styles they provided, I finally feel more comfortable in the clothes for my body type ad age. I look forward to more styling sessions in the future.

Looking for daily style

Shreya Nadkarni

Really loved speaking with the team, they made me feel so comfortable and I enjoyed the sessions provided.

Just Casual Styling


Great options for jackets and watches specifically. Very happy with the service delivered and looking forward to order the suggesions made.

Looking for daily style


Dhwani is very responsive and has helped me even post the service was delivered. She is always avialble for my smallest of doubts. Great knowledge.

My Wedding


Connected to Dhwani through style buddy. She was the best. Helped us through the end with everything throughout the ways. Thank you dhwani. Thank you style buddy

Just Casual Styling


Dhwani really helped me to understand the style hacks that are good for me. I really liked the Service.

Attending a Private Party


Great insights and energy from the team. Did not feel like I was speaking to outsiders as they were so warm and made me feel confident in my own clothes. Lots of ideas in just that 1 call.

Looking for daily style

Chirag Sastry

I am genuinly happy and actually thankful for coming to StyleBuddy. Your team has delivered beyond my expectations. Already recommonded you guys to my friends in Uk. They will also awail the service once they are in india.

Attending a Business meeting

Tauquir Khan

It was a good experience. It was amazing with Aveek trying new things and learning. Will come back again in November for customisations.

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